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This game is incredible

A fun game. Loved the old school aesthetics.

I love this game in many ways, one being that the monologue is slightly meta and really doesn't take itself too seriously and two being that the graphics is actually beautiful though hidden behind a "beauty reduction" filter. Interesting story, simply gameplay makes for a good combo all done in less than 48 hours! Well done!

Thoroughly enjoyed your video, thank you for checking it out man!

No worries! so bright though lol

interesting game. I like it. As fan of space its nice to see something a bit different from most horror games in space. I like the game alot. And I am interested what will we see next. keep up good work!

btw if you are interested, here is my video:


Heya! Really appreciate you checking it out and posting a video mate! 🙌

The game was interesting for sure and I hope to see more of this. That said, the only thing that really bugged me in the game was the turning speed for your character. I'd increase that speed that up so that the player isn't moving their mouse across the desk just to turn around. Otherwise, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Thank you for playing it @Levont! It completely slipped my mind to note, but you can in fact change the mouse sensitivity using Plus and Minus sign keys (on the number row). I've added that to the description.

That is sadly still the issue I find with builds for different platforms, sometimes the sensitivity would be either too low or too high.

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

It's a game jam game, and I would like to leave this as it is.
I left in the "To be continued", so that I can push myself to participate in another game jam and make something as a continuation to the story.

I really enjoyed the aesthetic. I'm a sucker for stories of mechanical failure in space.  Story is good but feels like there isn't an overaching story (Probably because it's not finished). Only one thing bothered me, checking out each door to find which one is unlocked. Also it feels like door unlocks just for the sake of the story and I think it breaks immersion. Other than that, this game is great!

Thank you for checking it out! Yeah, I've sadly had to cut a bunch of stuff, this being a game jam and all... That's why there's a "To be continued"... Maybe during a next game jam? :)

Oh i didn't realize it was a jam game. As a jam entry, it's really good! Good luck on your next game jams!


Thank you for playing it!  <3